Change your socks,
change a life!

A mission on socks

Change your socks, change a life!

Read how we want to make the world a little more beautiful on our socks.

We design socks

We design our socks together with artists who have lived experience. (homelessness, psychiatry, addiction) These "outsider artists" are the heroes behind our socks. They design unique socks with a real story.

We make socks

When you buy a pair of socks from us, something special happens. A pair of socks is being made in our Social Sock Factory. This is a place where we make the best socks in the world together with participants from the Salvation Army. Socks made from recycled yarns, in the Netherlands! Socks that we all give away to those in need.

We donate socks

Do you donate your socks to charity? Probably not, because they are the least donated, but most requested item in homeless shelters. Many people depend on clothing collection for their comfort, there is a shortage! We solve this shortage together with the people we help. Unique socks for you, warm feet for them!

Unique socks for you, warm feet for them!

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