Making an impact on your branded socks

By giving our socks as a gift to staff or relations, you make an impact. See below what happens when you order socks.



Tell us your wishes and we will get to work!


We create a suitable and unique design for you.


We can deliver your socks within 7 weeks.


We make and donate the same number of socks via the Social Sock Factory.

How we work?

Wij ontwerpen sokken

Wij ontwerpen sokken die precies aansluiten bij de boodschap en de stijl van jouw merk. Onze sokken worden gemaakt op 200 naalden machines, dit zorgt voor een gedetailleerd design en hoge kwaliteit. Wanneer het ontwerp naar wens is, starten we de productie.

Wij doneren sokken

Voor elk paar sokken wat jij bij ons bestelt, doneren wij een paar sokken aan de daklozen. Sokken worden namelijk het minst gedoneerd, maar zijn het meest nodig. Zo dragen jullie unieke sokken en hebben de daklozen warme voeten.

Wij maken sokken

Deze donatie sokken maken wij in onze eigen Social Sock Factory. Een plek waar wij in samenwerking met het Leger des Heils werk en ontwikkeling bieden aan dakloze mensen. Samen maken we de beste sokken ter wereld die we uitdelen aan de allerarmsten.

Would you like to collaborate with us? Please contact us and we will arrange the rest!

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100 pairs

socks in your own design
€9.95 per pair

We make and donate 100 pairs of socks

250 pairs

socks in your own design
€7.95 per pair

We make and donate 250 pairs of socks

500 pairs

socks in your own design
€6.95 per pair

We make and donate 500 pairs of socks

1000 pairs

socks in your own design
€5.95 per pair

We make and donate 1000 pairs of socks

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Unique, social and useful
  • Unique design
  • From 100 PAIRS
  • From €5.95 per pair
  • 1 purchased = 1 donated
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What customers say about us


The socks and the story were warmly received by our employees.

Lex Meijdam

Tilburg University


Beautiful socks! Together we donated the socks!

Herold van den Belt

Wasco Sanitary


Happy faces and feet filled the workplace here. Do double good!


Proud as a peacock


The socks have been very well received. Beautiful design and wonderful quality.

Emile Nagel

The Solstice


The socks fit wonderfully and were delivered to all our employees on the right day.

North West Region

Salvation Army

Design your own socks and make an impact!

Are you looking for a social and useful promotional gift ? Then quickly order our custom made socks! These socks are not only beautiful and of good quality, but you also contribute to a better world. With our custom made socks you can give free rein to your creativity. We specialize in designing socks that perfectly match your brand or message. And you also make an impact right away. Because for every pair of socks you order, we make a pair of socks in our Social Sock Factory , which we then donate to the homeless. By choosing our socks as a promotional gift , you will walk in beautiful socks and the homeless will have warm feet. Choose a social, sustainable and useful promotional gift with our custom made socks. Be inspired and contact us to discuss the possibilities.