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Unique socks for you, warm feet for them.

Make an impact on your socks

Unique socks for you, warm feet for them!

Subscribe to our socks with a story to tell,
and help us make socks for those in need every month.

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Sock Subscription

Sock Subscription

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The socks on the side (above on mobile) are the first socks you will receive. After subscribing you will receive our new socks every first week of the month and we donate a pair to those in need.

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1 Gekocht = 1 Gedoneerd

Elke maand dat jij abonnee bent, doneren wij een paar sokken aan de daklozen. Daarmee maak jij dus impact op je sokken :-)

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You will receive your first pair of socks within 3 working days. You will then receive our newest socks in the first week of every month.

To arrange this directly yourself, you can log in here with your email address and cancel or pause your subscription.

Does not it work? Send an email to and we will arrange it for you.

The money for your subscription is debited on the first of every month.

How sweet! Yes, that is certainly possible.
You enter the delivery address of the lucky recipient and your own email address. Complete your order and cancel it again when it is enough. You will receive a monthly reminder email.

Yes, socks are donated the least by all of us, but are actually needed the most. We solve this problem by donating a pair of socks for every pair you receive. We make these donation socks in our own Social Sock Factory. In this way you help to solve this shortage and create workplaces for people who are at a distance from the labor market.

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Why a sock subscription?

Discover the perfect combination of style, quality and social involvement with our unique socks subscription . Every month you will receive the nicest socks, designed by talented homeless artists . We donate a pair of socks every month to the poorest of the poor. This gives a new feel to your socks, turning them into an expression of art and support . This way we not only keep your feet warm and stylish, but also those of someone who needs them. Flexibility and control guaranteed with a sock subscription that can be canceled at any time - you are not committed to anything. Experience the pleasure of new socks every month and make a difference at the same time. Switch to our socks subscription, where design, convenience and feeling come together.