Artist Clemens

Kunstenaar Clemens

Dreams are not priceless. After finishing drawing school and studying graphic design, Clemens ended up on the street. "He was no sweetheart, but always remained an honest and sincere man," he says. Eventually, a graffiti work on his own front door caused him to become homeless. As it turned out, he didn't really want that much; his dreams of experiencing the world didn't have to be priceless.

With this thought, Clemens decided to live off what he got from people. What turned out? Every day he had food to eat and every night he got to sleep inside somewhere, people are good. He walked 3,000 kilometres across Europe and spent months in major cities like Berlin and Warsaw. His journey eventually brought him to Nijmegen where he lived on the streets for a while and came regularly to Het Kruispunt. He often visited Het Atelier van de Overlevingskunst where he could create his graffiti art on canvases.

Het Kruispunt regularly exhibits art by visitors, (formerly) homeless people, and also sells that art. Clemens fortunately now has a good place to live again. This sock with REBEL symbolizes the graffiti that ultimately caused him to make this journey.

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