Above Water
Above Water
Above Water
Above Water
Above Water

Above Water

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Designed by Ruth Dankerlui, Almere, The Netherlands

Above water_Ruth Dankerlui

Her Story

After an intense period in her life caring for her mother, Ruth entered a difficult period. She went through a long period of depression and lost interest in many things. This while she had always been interested in many different things. For example, she has worked as an accountant but also as a fashion designer, she can cook with great pleasure and she is also passionate about painting. Of the latter she did not even know she could actually do this. For years she had been interested in brushes and paint, but she didn't know why. Within the Jan Steen activation center, where Ruth had been coming almost daily for years she started painting. Suddenly she just joined in. She was amazed at what she could create: large portraits, cute buildings and colorful vibrant paintings with their own story. Ruth can spend months working on a canvas and then become completely engrossed. It has to be perfect for her.

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Our socks are linked seamlessly. That's just a bit nicer :-)

This artwork is made of: 95% cotton, 3% polyester, 2% elastane

Wash at 30 degrees and the socks are not allowed in the dryer.
(we do that ourselves, we can handle them ;-))

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