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Walk into the wide world together with Goods with our walking socks. A social step towards comfort and quality. The model of these socks was developed in collaboration with homeless people. Their experiences, suggestions and ideas can be found in the many technical elements of these socks. The result? Socks with which you go on a journey of discovery, find your own way, and in the meantime help someone else who has lost their way for a while. For every pair of walking socks you buy, we donate a pair to homeless people.


Designed by

Our walking socks are designed together with homeless people. Their experiences during the hard life on the street, their suggestions and their ideas can be found in the many technical elements of these socks.

Designed for adventure

Longer life span

Reinforced heel

An extra sturdy heel ensures a longer lifespan for your socks.

Cuddling feet

Arch support

The elastic band over your instep hugs your feet and ensures that they stay in place.

Does not sag

Anti Span

A collar that does not sag, but also does not pinch. The anti-tension ensures that the collar stays perfectly in place, so you don't have to pull it up, which is easy.

No irritation

Seamless toe

The toe seam is automatically linked. This means that there is no seam over your toes, which is just a bit more comfortable.

Extra wearing comfort

Double knitting technique

Our hiking socks are full and warm. The rib-knit technique also makes them breathable. This means your feet are neither too warm nor too cold.

No swollen calves

Compression knit

The top of the socks consists of a compression knit. The rib technique with elastic prevents thick calves and legs.

Walk nicely

Unique Design

High-quality hiking socks with a unique design? It's possible, so at Goods we just do that :-) This way you look great.

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