Lionel - Programma voor minderjarige vluchtelingen
Together with young people from the Lionel program, we designed a collection of sports socks. The Lionel program was established to support underage youths who have fled to the Netherlands alone in their development. Together they explore, stretch, and protect boundaries, so that they can fall, learn, and rise again collectively.
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Kunstenaar Zenon
For five years, Zenon* was exploited in the circus. He was paid in alcohol, occasionally struck, and several times trampled by animals. Yet he didn't leave because he didn’t want to leave 'his' animals alone. But primarily because he had nowhere else to go. The circus and the alcohol were his only escape.
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Hoe wij onze sokken ontwerpen
The question we are most frequently asked is how our design process for a new pair of socks works. This is a logical question. Where other sock companies collaborate with designers or design agencies, we involve homeless artists in the design process. This is naturally special and results in beautiful socks with a story, but it certainly also presents a challenge.
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