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Designed by: Andrzje Owczarek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

His story

Andrzje was born in Poland but lives in Amsterdam. As a 7-year-old he met Picasso with his grandmother and this was only the beginning of a turbulent life that reads like a book. In 1981 Andrzje fled from Poland to Amsterdam. He created a furore as a fashion model, traded in art, had his own line of jewellery and owned a stable of Arabian thoroughbred horses. He lived a jet-set existence in the upper circles. As an artist, he worked in New York with Andy Warhol and was taught by Karel Willink. After this enervating jetset life where he flourished also as a donor to The Salvation Army, he suddenly became a client of The Salvation Army due to circumstances. This fall Andrzej now calls his return to earth. He got his life back on track and developed further as an artist.

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Our socks are linked seamlessly. That's just a bit nicer :-)

This artwork is made of: 95% cotton, 3% polyester, 2% elastane

Wash at 30 degrees and the socks are not allowed in the dryer.
(we do that ourselves, we can handle them ;-))

  • EU 36-40 | 41-46
  • UK 4-7 | 7½-11½
  • US M 4½-7½ | 8-12
  • US W6-9½ | 10-12½

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