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Designed by Anton, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Face Anton Westbroek

His story

See my work and look further. Forever searching, I have found many things but they remain separate puzzle pieces that do not seem to be a whole. Where am I, who am I? When I look at myself there is surely some kind of line, a development that I have found in far too long a time. The journey towards it felt like a nightmare, a thriller, a soap opera, a movie... There were moments of fear, panic, pain, total absence ... I felt completely lost and so much more. But I am still finding my way in the labyrinth called earth.

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Our socks are linked seamlessly. That's just a bit nicer :-)

This artwork is made of: 95% cotton, 3% polyester, 2% elastane

Wash at 30 degrees and the socks are not allowed in the dryer.
(we do that ourselves, we can handle them ;-))

  • EU 36-40 | 41-46
  • UK 4-7 | 7½-11½
  • US M 4½-7½ | 8-12
  • US W6-9½ | 10-12½

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