Artist - Hetty Veas

Kunstenares - Hetty Veas

Hetty worked for many years in healthcare and was a socially active and involved mother of two children. A divorce caused Hetty's 'normal' life to take a drastic turn.

Her normal family life with a normal job abruptly ended. The diagnosis of Asperger's and ADD was made much too late, explaining many of the problems in her life, such as her difficulty with social contacts and the depressive periods she experienced.

Admission was a first step towards recovery, but misunderstanding from her social environment made recovery very difficult. Hetty was in a damaging romantic relationship and had to rely on her parents when the situation at home became untenable. People referred her to a facility where she was provided a protected living space. Unfortunately, she did not receive appropriate support and was forced to leave. She left by boat to another city and was taken care of there by social services and the church.

Due to regulations, she had to return to Deventer and was dependent on the night shelter. Drawing has offered Hetty a lifeline and an outlet for her emotions for most of her life. It provides her with peace, satisfaction, and a sense of self-worth. On these socks, a flower grows through a web of puzzle pieces. This design symbolizes for Hetty the journey of finding your own path in this sometimes complicated life. Hetty is now advocating for autism research in women.

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