Artist Sebastian Urbanja

Kunstenaar Sebastian Urbanja

Sebastian was born in 1970 and is a native of The Hague at heart. Art, being creative and creating has been in his blood since childhood. He also made graffiti in the 80's, but stopped because of the high fines.

He trained as a graphic designer and in the 1990s, with the rise of the Internet, became a pioneer in the multi-media design field. He also created a lot of work as a designer for multinational companies, well-known nightclubs, house parties and record labels.  

Painting has always continued both on canvas and on clothes, shoes and objects. He is also no stranger to making jewellery, bags, objects and applied art. Sebastian is a multi-disciplinary artist with an eclectic urban street art style and has collaborated extensively with well-known artists and clients. He also often drew on beer mats with Herman Brood in the pub. The many and long stays in different countries have inspired him in many ways.

Creating art has always been a common thread in his life. It works meditatively and gives a kick. A kick he no longer wants to get from his years of alcohol addiction and substance abuse. Unfortunately, this is also a common thread in Sebastian's life. It was actually a form of self-medication against mental illness, trauma, anxiety disorders and personality problems from his early childhood. A battle against alcohol that has been going on for years is one of between life and death.

But which has now come to an end thanks to addressing the root of the problem with the help of inpatient and outpatient intensive treatments. Even during this process, Sebastian has continued with his art and kept fighting. Giving up has never been an option. Sebastian: "I am currently pushing harder and harder with my art and going full steam ahead..."

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