Artist - Peter Beisser

Kunstenaar - Peter Beisser
Peter has been a Disco DJ in Groningen (the Netherlands) in the 70's and 80's, colourful outfits and dancing underneath the mirror balls. Working as an aluminium welder,

Peter moved around the country. He had to work hard to keep his head up, high pressure at work and in his personal situation pushed Peter to drugs. Things escalated quickly from there. He became homeless when his homelord kicked him out.

He ended up at the Binnenvest, a homeless shelter in Leiden. It took him years to control his addiction and rebuilt his life. Peter made it to chairman of the Client Council at De Binnenvest.

He now uses his experience to support others that are on a similar path. His small house is now decorated with his paintings he made during various fases of his recovery.