Artist Jarno Hannu

Kunstenaar Jarno Hannu

Creativity is the driving force in Jarno's life. He designed interiors of retail chains, built stages for the most famous festivals and realized catwalks for the biggest brands on earth. Until a major fire in his home and workshop sent his life's work up in smoke.

After a period of couchsurfing, it became clear to him who his real friends were. Couchsurfing became untenable and Jarno became homeless, he ended up in Het Inloopschip in Den Bosch for the first time. There, too, his creativity and desire for freedom set him apart from others. He decorated Het Inloopschip with a huge mural that also features the bell of St. John, the icon of Den Bosch. He painted this clock at half past nine, the time you had to be inside to spend the night in Het Inloopschip.

He picked himself up, turned down real help, full of ambition and confidence he tried to stand on his own two feet again. He began to paint and draw more and became curious in tattooing. Unfortunately, it was too soon for him to leave and he ended up in Het Inloopschip again. This time, however, he was open to getting help and was paired with a very inspiring counselor, his wingman.

The limitations of Het Inloopschip oppressed him. Sleeping inside was mandatory to qualify for help. The negative energy of other residents as well as the restriction of his freedom made this impossible for Jarno. His wingman understood this and gave him permission to sleep in a tent, free outside under the starry sky. With help and an inexhaustible drive to get his life on track, Jarno once again managed to escape from homelessness. He was assigned a home in Den Bosch and currently lives there with Noa, his black cat with three legs.

"Be inspired and inspire others" is his motto. Despite all the challenges and hard times, Jarno is grateful for the road he has travelled and the things he has learned from it. It has shaped him into the beautiful human being he is today.

On Jarno's design you can see a little suitcase. A suitcase with a heart in it. This symbolizes friendship and giving and taking love wherever the journey of life takes you.

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