Making socks

The Social Sock Factory

The Social Sock Factory is a place where we provide employment to Salvation Army participants. A place where we make socks in a sustainable way with and for the poorest of the poor. Socks that we all then give away to the homeless people in the Netherlands.

In samenwerking met het Leger des Heils


Our socks are made by participants of the Salvation Army.


Unusable collected clothing is processed into yarn for our socks.


Both recycling and production take place entirely in the Netherlands.

This is how we make the finest socks for the poorest of the poor.

Extra durable due to

Reinforced heel

Less wear means a longer lifespan.

Is made from

Recycled jeans

We make yarn for our socks from old jeans. We simply do the entire recycling process here in the Netherlands.

No hassle through the

Seamless toe

No annoying edges

Wicks away sweat

Breathable top

The top of the foot is finished without terry cloth, so sweat is easily removed

Anti-span board

Don't drop off

A specially knitted anti-tension board ensures that the socks do not sag.

Compression knit

No swollen calves

Due to a special rib compression knit, calves do not swell during long use.

Cuddly band

Arch support

A nice elastic band that hugs your instep

Walk on clouds with

Terry sole

Extra cushioning with every step provides ultimate comfort during long walks

Waarom wij sokken doneren?

Doneer jij je sokken? Of gooi je deze versleten in de prullenbak? Inderdaad, sokken belanden niet in de kleding inzameling maar worden afgedragen in de prullenbak gegooid.

In Nederland zijn meer dan 60.000 (!!) mensen afhankelijk van kleding inzameling voor hun comfortt Zij hebben dus geen toegang tot iets simpels als een paar sokken. Daarom doneren wij een paar sokken voor elk paar wat we verkopen.

We geven hiermee warme voeten, maar misschien nog wel veel belangrijker, de sokken zijn een heleboel kleine momentjes van aandacht. Een begin van een gesprek, van hulp of een vriendschap.

Jij uniek sokken, zij warme voeten!

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Do you want to gain ideas about social and sustainable entrepreneurship? Would you like to see how our socks are made and donated? How do we make the best socks in the world from old clothes? Or do you want to write about us and therefore visit The Social Sock Factory? Everything is possible! Send us an email and we will contact you to plan a visit.