Artist Octophina

Connect & Play - Humans are hardwired to play!

As kids on the playground, we don't need any instructions, assignments, or stand-up meetings to figure out what to do. As we grow up, circumstances and life demands often cause us to forget how important and useful it is to play for our well-being and continuous development. After experiencing multiple burnout episodes and struggling with depression and anxiety for over a decade, I finally allowed myself to reconnect with my childlike playfulness in my early 30s. This was the best decision I have ever made. 

As children, we naturally engage with each other and with our environment without a plan or agenda, only guided by our innate instincts. I call this "creative play" — an exploration of your raw curiosity that encourages you to experiment and try things without fear of failure, self-criticism, or censorship. It's all about allowing yourself to enjoy doing something that excites you and activates your creative power, without seeking a specific outcome, approval, or outside validation.

In the right environment and with the right intentions, creative play can be used as a process of self-exploration, self-expression, and self-care, which is both fun and empowering. The Connect & Play socks are a daily reminder to exercise your creative muscle and incorporate playfulness in your reality any way you can, so you can reconnect with your inner child and benefit from the power of creative play, regardless of your life circumstances.

Creative play helped me reimagine myself as a new person when I had completely lost my sense of self. It empowered me to re-sculpt my identity, re-design my reality, and re-write my story. It enabled me to build myself into a globally recognized artist, designer, and model in less than three years at almost 35, with no former art or fashion experience. This unexpected metamorphosis inspired the Connect & Play sock design as a reminder to play!

Every time you put on your socks, you get an invitation to take a few extra seconds and get playful, so you can start your day the right way—with a smile on your face and a pinch of everyday magic.

So, are you ready to Connect & Play?

XO, Octophina