Artist - Mieke Van der Weehe

Kunstenares - Mieke van der Weehe
 Her story

Mieke led an adventurous life, living on the Spanish coast, founding a small school in the mountains of Nepal, and bringing people together through art and stories.

Over the years, her body made it more challenging to embark on adventures. Yet, she continues to push boundaries every day on the canvas and among people.

Figures, animals, universes, watercolor, chalk, oil paint... Each piece is a rediscovery for her and the viewer. The input she received from the world, she now gives back.

She does this as well at the studio of the Facktorij, a collective of passionate artists with a story, where she is a staple and shares her expertise and care with companions.

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"Space Launch: A design about the universe and infinity."

Space Launch Let's do Goods

Artwork - Space Launch

For our collection, Mieke creates the piece "Space Launch," a work that symbolizes space and the infinite.