Artist Scott

Kunstenaar Scott

Born on a summer day in 1985 in Lelystad, Scott grew up in a household with five children. At the age of twelve, he moved to Almere. Without a completed education, but with a burning desire for structure and direction, Scott enlisted in the military at the age of seventeen. This would mark the beginning of a formative period in which he not only completed his education but also participated in three missions.

After seven years of service, Scott returned to civilian life, a transition that was far from smooth for him. The structure and discipline of military life had given him a sense of stability, but once home, that structure was gone. Scott frequently changed jobs, always searching for his place, but never found long-term stability.

The year 2016 marked an especially difficult period in his life. A broken relationship forced him to return to his father's house. When he eventually found his own place and work in hospitality, things seemed to improve. A new relationship brought light into his life, but fate struck again. In 2021, Scott lost both his father and his girlfriend under tragic circumstances. Overwhelmed by grief and without a registered address, he was repeatedly denied help.

After a desperate suicide attempt, Scott ended up in the hospital, and eventually, through crisis services, he found his way to the Salvation Army. Around this time, he also suffered a severe nerve injury in his back during a vacation, which causes him daily intense pain.

Despite these trials, Scott has found an inexhaustible source of strength in art. Drawing, something he has done since a young age, is a way for him to isolate himself from the chaos and focus on something beautiful and pure. Art provides him not only with an outlet but also a path to healing and self-discovery.

Thanks to EMDR therapy, Scott is starting a new chapter in his life. Art brings him hope and joy. Each piece of art he creates is a silent witness to his resilience and his unwavering belief in the possibility of a new beginning. With every drawing, Scott continues to build his future, determined to leave the past behind and look forward to what is yet to come.