Artist - Andrzje Owczarek

Kunstenaar - Andrzje Owczarek
Andrzej was born in Poland but now lives in Amsterdam. At the age of seven, he met Picasso along with his grandmother, and this was just the beginning of a tumultuous life that reads like a book.

In 1981, Andrzej fled from Poland to Amsterdam. He made a name for himself as a photo model, dealt in art, had his own jewelry line, and owned a stable of Arabian thoroughbred horses. He lived a jet-set life in high society.

As an artist, he worked in New York with Andy Warhol and took lessons from Karel Willink. After this exhilarating jet-set life, where he also thrived as a donor to The Salvation Army, circumstances suddenly made him a client of The Salvation Army.

Andrzej now calls this fall his return to earth. He got his life back on track and further developed as an artist.

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