Making an impact on your branded socks

By giving our socks as a gift to staff or relations, you make an impact. See below what happens when you order socks.

Designed for you & delivered to you

We design your socks and continue until you are satisfied. Seven weeks later we deliver your socks after which you can start handing them out. Now you look great, of course, but then the real fun begins.

Social Sock Factory

For every pair of socks you order, we make a pair of socks in The Social Sock Factory. Our own factory where we make the best socks in the world with participants from the Salvation Army. Fine socks, made from recycled yarns.

Sustainable & Donate

And we're giving away all these socks for free! We donate socks to those in need through organisations such as the food bank and the Salvation Army. There is a shortage, together we will solve it.
Unique socks for you, warm feet for them.

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