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Mental Health Day Sock Collection

Mental Health Day Sock Collection

For Mental Health Day, we designed these socks in collaboration with our artists. They are part of a collection of three designs. Designs in traditional, recognizable patterns where one element stands out, simply because it's different. Being different adds color to the world and to these beautiful socks. Mental health is one of the primary causes of homelessness, which is why we support Mental Health Day.
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Conect the Dots Socks

Connect the Dots

Finding a pattern in the chaos of the unknown. The ability to connect events and experiences like dots in the sky. The art of discovery, ensuring there's always another dot to navigate towards. Mental well-being influences the art of discovery; often, there are no visible dots ahead. That's why they designed these socks for Mental Health Day. Do you Connect the Dots?
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True Stripes Socks

True Stripes

Honesty, reliability, and staying true to your own values—that is the theme of these socks. Will you follow the pattern, or dare to stand out by following your own line? Being who you are often seems like the hardest thing, especially when plagued by mental challenges. Do you dare to remain true to your True Stripes?

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Square One Socks

Square One

Go back to square one, start anew, setbacks and resilience— that is the theme of these socks. Mental challenges often hinder progress in life, sometimes making it feel like you need to skip a turn to rest, and at times, it feels like you're sent straight back to "start," back to Square One.

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